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Three arrested allegedly distributing illegal substances

Left: Monther Mahmoud, center:{ }Ahmed Hamdi, right{ }Anas Mustafa.{p}{/p}
Left: Monther Mahmoud, center: Ahmed Hamdi, right Anas Mustafa.

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Detective Josh Schultz, with the Burlington Police Department, says school resource officers told them they noticed an uptick in the amount of vaping and edible products they would see on school campuses.

"Community members also alerted us that they have seen high school-age kids coming in and out of some of the vape shops in Burlington," said Schultz.

In July, authorities conducted searches at four vape shops, where they discovered food and vapes infused with marijuana, and illegal amounts of THC.

"We've located some products that were trademarked that you would find in grocery stores, convenience stores, stuff like that," said Schultz.

Some of these candies can be found in bags with very little signage on them indicating they contain THC.

It led them to a distribution center on Maple Avenue where they found 300,000$ dollars and narcotics.

"We located a lot of CBD flower, THC flower otherwise known as marijuana, we located a lot of vapes, a lot of gummies," said Schultz.

Monther Mahmoud, Ahmed Hamdi, Anas Mustafa, all employees of the distribution center were arrested.

"Some of this stuff, it's taken a lot to look at it and realize what it is, on face value it all looks like the normal stuff, it all looks legal, but once it's getting tested, it's well above the levels, the legal limit levels," said Schultz.

He says parents should actively talk with their kids about THC and check their snacks to make sure they are safe.

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