Trump supporter gets involved in confrontation with 'Pose' actress Indya Moore over sign

Trump supporter gets involved in confrontation with 'Pose' actress Indya Moore over sign (Photo: Dion Cini)

WASHINGTON (SBG) -- "Pose" actress Indya Moore and Trump supporter Dion Cini were involved in a confrontation recently over his sign supporting President Trump, according to a Facebook clip going viral.

In a video posted by Cini, Moore can be seen grabbing Cini's sign and talking about how they don't want Cini to be a fan of her show. Cini responded by grabbing his sign back from Moore which causes a dispute between both parties. Cini can be seen in the video pushing Moore while Moore flings Cini's visor off of his head.

Other witnesses on the scene who have not been identified intervened to break up the confrontation.

"I do this once a week for the last two years," Cini told Sinclair Broadcast Group in a conversation through social media.

The Trump backer says he shows his support on the sidewalk of 5th Avenue in New York City across the street from Trump Tower.

Cini also says he has filed a police report alleging larceny by Moore "but might take it higher forcible robbery," the supporter said in a social media conversation.

It is unknown exactly how the two parties involved in the confrontation crossed paths or how the initial conversation started. LGBTQ Nation reports Moore was filming for "Pose" in a nearby studio.

Cini says Moore was walking by and asked why he supported President Trump. Afterwards, Cini says he told Moore he was a fan of "Pose" which is when he says the confrontation started.

The actress responded to the video going viral in a tweet stating, "thank you for loving my community, fighting for us, supporting us fight for ourselves and others who are experiencing an increase of oppression and violence under this current administration."