Stranded ducklings reunited with mother in Seattle park

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Credit: Phil Torres via Storyful

SEATTLE (STORYFUL) — Biologist Phil Torres posted a video April 21 showing him and his wife, model Silja Danielsen, taking several baby ducklings from a storm drain near Seattle back to their mother.

Torres said the couple were out on their routine morning walk when they heard tweeting from inside a storm drain, and discovered it was coming from a group of baby ducklings.

Torres, a biologist, journalist, and researcher, documented his mission to scoop up the ducks and take them to their mother, and shared the video on Instagram and Twitter.

“While out on our daily walk through the neighborhood, we happened to take a different path home than usual and I think it was meant to be,” Torres wrote in his post. He said he removed each duckling from the drain and, after consulting with PAWS Washington, a local wildlife rehabilitation and welfare organization, decided to search for the mother upstream while keeping the ducklings warm in a paper bag. Eventually, the couple are shown hearing a duck quacking on the banks of the stream.

“We got your babies!” Torres calls out in the video as the ducks waddle out of the bag and scurry to rejoin their mother.

In the post, he said, “We didn’t think we had much of a chance of actually finding her but still gave it our best shot, and we’re glad we did!”