Man bonds with wild croc in Australia's northern territory

Man bonds with wild croc in Australia's northern territory (@mattwright via Storyful)

NORTHERN TERRITORY, Australia (STORYFUL) -- Who’s afraid of a wild 13-foot saltwater crocodile? Not Matt Wright, that’s for sure. The so-called Outback Wrangler has built up an incredible friendship over five years with a crocodile he’s named “Bonecruncher”.

This video shows the pair interacting comfortably in the waters of the Finniss River, in Australia’s Northern Territory. As Wright says in the video, “He knows my behavior and I know his; it’s a beautiful thing.”

Wright’s agent Nick Fordham told Storyful how Wright first met the crocodile at the river around five years ago, and started to visit regularly.

Fordham said their relationship became even stronger around three years ago, after Wright found Bonecrusher in a bad condition, with half of his jaw missing, likely from a territorial fight.

Wright visited the crocodile daily and led him to easy food sources, thus ensuring his survival, Fordham said. “Matt and Bonecruncher’s relationship is one in a million,” he said, adding, “Although Matt feels if he turned his back, he would still want to eat him.”