Customers tell Puerto Rican Burger King manager 'go back to Mexico'

(Courtesy Neyzha Borrero)
(Courtesy Neyzha Borrero)

EUSTIS, Fla. (STORYFUL) - A manager at a Burger King restaurant in Eustis, Florida, asked two customers to leave after they told him not to speak Spanish and to “go back to Mexico”.

Footage of the July 6 encounter was captured by Neyzha Borrero and soon went viral.

The footage shows restaurant manager Ricardo Castillo speaking with the customers, who were both elderly women. In an interview, Castillo told of how he approached the women after they had dealt with a Spanish-speaking employee and said they had a complaint.

He asked if everything was okay, which was when they said that employees needed to speak English in America.

The video shows Castillo, who is from Puerto Rico, defending his and his employees’ rights to speak Spanish while at work, before one of the women told him to go back to his “Mexican country.”

“Guess what ma’am, I’m not Mexican,” he replied. “You’re being very prejudiced and I want you out of my restaurant right now.”

The women eventually left the restaurant.

The owner of the Burger King restaurant was reported to be “looking in to the matter.”