Cleveland Clinic nurses and doctors cheered as they arrive at New York hospital

Credit: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital via Storyful

More than two dozen nurses and doctors from the Cleveland Clinic arrived in New York City on April 17, where they will work to relieve colleagues at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital locations who have responded to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

This video was posted by NewYork-Presbyterian, and shows the medical staff arriving to a small chorus of cheers and clapping. According to a press release issued by the Cleveland Clinic, the contingent included 15 nurses and 10 doctors. The volunteers are expected to remain in New York for four weeks; the Cleveland Clinic said it would bring back any staff who became sick.

As of the afternoon of April 17, New York City, the epicenter of COVID-19 in the US, had recorded over 122,000 confirmed cases of the virus. At least 7,890 patients with confirmed cases of the virus had died; city authorities reported an additional 4,309 “probable” deaths tied to COVID-19.