'Grinch' caught, neighbors say he stole Christmas decorations to use at his party

grinch 6.PNG
Families in Sandy are thanking police and KUTV for getting their Christmas decorations back after this guy took them. (File Photo: KUTV)

Families in Sandy are thanking police for getting their Christmas decorations back. They’re putting them up for a second time.

Video aired Wednesday by KUTV showed a man swiping wreaths and ornaments.

The Sandy City Police Department identified the man as Adam Finch, 45. They arrested him on suspicion of theft.

About four homes were hit on Brighton View Drive in Sandy. Neighbors got their decorations back in an orderly fashion.

“He was very anal about certain things,” said Jacki Frame, another victim. “When we got the stuff back, everything was organized, so all my stuff was in one bag.”

Frame said the guy took the decorations for his own party, although investigators won’t confirm that detail.

“We joked that, ‘Oh, he probably took it for a party’,” Frame said. “And, that’s exactly what he did. His mom wanted a party at his house, and his mom wanted to decorate.”

Neighbors, though, said they’re getting the last laugh.

“We didn’t get invited to his party, so we’re going to party now,” Frame said.