Statement from Sheriff Kimbrough On Releasing The John Neville Video

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FCSO Kimbrough.jpg

Statement from Sheriff Bobby F. Kimbrough, Jr.

While we knew him as John Neville, his family knows him as dad. We have honored the Neville family’s requests and decisions from the beginning and will continue to do so.

I recognize the release of this video is a delicate situation. As the Sheriff of Forsyth County, my concerns are always for the well-being and safety of the residents.

As it relates to this particular case, my concerns are four-pronged:

1. The concerns and desires of the residents of Forsyth County;

2. The integrity and transparency of the Sheriff’s Office;

3. How justice is applied to those involved in this incident;

4. And without question, the feelings of the family members of Mr. Neville.

While we knew him as John Neville, they still know him as dad. Any decision I have made regarding this incident has been made with the family in mind. I have not only taken the family’s feelings and requests into consideration, but I have supported and honored them. Today I continued to do so by supporting their request in court.

Whatever is decided – we will honor the Judge’s ruling in this matter. As a community, we must stand together and not break one another down but instead break down the barriers that threaten to keep us apart.

As your Sheriff of the Office of the People, we will always stand on what is moral, what is right, and what is legal.

Sheriff Bobby F. Kimbrough, Jr.