Richard Petty Foundation Holding Virtual Event

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Media Release

“Richard Petty Foundation Holding Virtual Event”

(Level Cross, NC) The “King” is holding court, and anyone with a car to show off can attend via FaceTime ! Beginning Tuesday, April 28, and Friday, May 1, the Petty Family Foundation will be hosting a Virtual King’s Court where seven-time NASCAR champion Richard Petty will connect with car enthusiasts who want to give him a tour of their favorite vehicle. Entry fees will go to benefit the Foundation.

“Normally we’d just have folks come out here to the garage and show me their cars, but since we’re all staying at home for a while, we’re going do the event online,” said Petty. “It’ll be a lot of fun, and the money we raise will go to support Veterans, hospice homes, Victory Junction, and others who are helped through our Foundation.”

Connecting with the King is simple. Just go the Link and schedule an appointment to give Richard a virtual tour of the upgrades you’ve made on your car. Then, you’ll receive feedback in real time from the greatest race car driver in history!

The cost to enter is $243.00, and all proceeds will benefit the Petty Family Foundation. A portion of the fee is tax deductible. Connecting with the King is simple click the link below to register.

Register here