Hospitals Are Open For More Than Coronavirus


Doctors have noticed an alarming new trend. People are ignoring signs of a heart attack and delaying getting help because they’re afraid of being exposed to COVID-19. But the truth is, hospitals are safe and are open for more than Coronavirus.

Emergency room visits for things like heart attack and stroke are down nearly 50% in New York City hospitals, causing doctors to wonder if patients are choosing to dismiss serious symptoms out of fear of potentially catching the Coronavirus.

And while it is too early to validate these anecdotal reports, the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association has started studying the trend.

Even in a pandemic, hospitals are safe for all patients and it’s important to react quickly to symptoms of serious illness like signs of stroke or heart attack, injury or mental health concerns.

Carol Andrews sat down with Novant Health Cardiologist, Dr John Hoyle to learn more.