Temporary Outage on WMYV

Sept 11 rescanCapture (2).PNG
Sept 11 rescanCapture (2).PNG

At this time our WMYV My48 channel is having to use a temporary broadcast antenna that is at 400 Ft above ground level. WMYV normally broadcasts from an antenna that is at about 1900 Ft above ground level. The reduction of height reduces the range of WMYV’s broadcasts. This temporary situation is necessary due to the ongoing installation work on our new WMYV antenna at 1900 FT above ground level.

WMYV will resume broadcasting from 1900 Ft. on the morning of Sept 11th.

This will be on the new main WMYV antenna. This transition may even affect the reception of our WXLV abc45 channel as well. This is a result of having to occasionally reduce WXLV ‘s power to ensure workers safety while working on the new WMYV broadcast antenna at the 1900 FT. level. The WXLV and WMYV broadcast antennas are both on the same broadcast tower.


In addition to the above:

WMYV will change its broadcast frequency from UHF 33 to UHF 28 on Sept 11th .

This should not impact cable, ATAT U-verse, or satellite viewers.

WXLV will stay on the same frequency, which is UHF 29.

Viewers that receive us on an antenna will have to set their tuner to re-scan for the new broadcast frequency after the WMYV broadcast frequency is changed.

Other TV broadcasters in the area are having to change broadcast frequency’s as well.

The re-scan will also restore reception of our neighboring broadcasters.

These changes are required of us by the FCC.

After Sept 11th this process will be completed and reception of WXLV and WMYV will return to normal.

If you have any questions or are still unable to find our channel after the Sept 11th rescan, please reach out to us at 336-722-4545. We'll be happy to help.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition.