Reports: Miles Teller arrested for public intoxication

Miles Teller arrives at the premiere of "War Dogs" in Los Angeles on August 16, 2016. (Apega/

Actor Miles Teller was reportedly arrested on Sunday for public intoxication.

Sources tell TMZ the "Divergent" star was taken into custody after a San Diego police officer noticed he was having issues standing up straight on a sidewalk. Miles was reportedly offered an opportunity to go to a detox center, where he could stay for a few hours to sober up, but he refused.

He was eventually taken to the center against his wishes, but was ultimately rejected by staff because he reportedly couldn't follow directions. The actor was then arrested for public intoxication, a misdemeanor, and released without bail hours later.

Teller has not commented on the arrest reports, but the news comes six months after he was involved in a scary car crash while driving in the San Fernando Valley, near Los Angeles in December with his girlfriend Keleigh Sperry. Miles collided with an Uber car service driver after the person cut into their lane. Miles' Ford Bronco flipped and landed on its side, while the other car sustained serious damage.

Miles and Keleigh walked away from the crash, but two passengers in the Uber car were admitted to a nearby medical centre, where they were treated for their injuries. Police later confirmed Teller was not to blame for the crash, insisting the other driver cut him off.

Teller almost lost his life in another scary car accident at the beginning of his acting career, when he was 20. He underwent painful laser treatments for years following the crash.